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Oahu Care Facility is an 82-bed intermediate and skilled nursing home in lower Makiki, just minutes from downtown Honolulu. It is in an ideal location for families that need nursing care and enjoy the quick access to visit their loved ones after work or during the day.

Although many elders prefer to remain at home, they may not receive the proper level of care they need or may start to feel socially isolated. Oahu Care Facility provides a solution with a home-like setting for older adults.

Our experienced team understands the needs of today’s older adults and families, and bring a rich understanding of the various cultures in our islands to ensure a comfortable stay at Oahu Care Facility.


Our Philosophy

The moment you enter our facilities, you’ll sense a difference from other long term care facilities.  The bright, clean rooms and spacious layout of the floors create a welcoming feeling at the facility.

Our goal is to make stays as pleasant and productive as possible.  We have an interdisciplinary team of healthcare professionals to care for your loved one. Our team consists of registered nurses (RNs), licensed practical nurses (LPNs), certified nurse assistants (CNAs), and restorative aides, all providing care 24/7 along with a variety of therapists.

You can rest assured your family member is in good hands at Oahu Care Facility.

Oahu, Hawaii Nursing Home
 We know that the medical, social, and other needs of a family member are important. Our team of healthcare professionals cre
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